Roman Eges

Middle Ages

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The Early-Christian basilica at Lyutibrod / The Early-Christian church at Ochindol / The "St.Nicholas" church at Tsarevets / The "St.Nicholas" church at Dolna Kremena / The "St.Nicholas" church at Gorna Kremena / The "St.Dimitar" church at Gorna Beshovitsa / The Mediaeval church at Lyutibrod / The Monastery of Cherepish

The “St. Dimitar” church at Gorna Beshovitsa
The church at Gorna Beshovitsa is a monument, where the spirits of the times immediately before the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule found their expression in stone plastic and paintings. The depiction of the saint on the facade of the church is both intriguing and realistically outspoken, for he holds a cross and a revolver in the same time. The Holy Cross that is to be seen below the cornice is crowned with a sword and a spear crossed. The rebellious spirit of a bygone epoch could still touch the visitor with its extraordinary expressiveness, woven in the traditional Christian symbols.
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