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The Early-Christian basilica at Lyutibrod / The Early-Christian church at Ochindol / The "St.Nicholas" church at Tsarevets / The "St.Nicholas" church at Dolna Kremena / The "St.Nicholas" church at Gorna Kremena / The "St.Dimitar" church at Gorna Beshovitsa / The Mediaeval church at Lyutibrod / The Monastery of Cherepish

The Early-Christian basilica at Lyutibrod

On the outskirts of Lyutibrod village the ruins of one of the earliest Christian monuments in the area are preserved. These are the foundations of a huge basilica, which was built in the first century after the adoption of the Christianity as an official religion in the Roman Empire. It dates from the 5th century AD. The building is to be noted for its location in the heart of the mountains and the richness of its decoration.

In the interior of the basilica the remains of the pavement of the floor, of the altar fence could be seen, as well as sections of the colonnade. The beauty and the exquisiteness of these architectural remains take us back to the times when the Balkans were no more some distant provinces of the Roman Empire, but the central part of the newly created Byzantine Empire.

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