Roman Eges

Middle Ages


The medieval graffiti near Tsarevetz

The Late Antique fortress "Gradishteto" near Tsarevets

The early medieval fortress "Golemio grad" near Staro selo

"Ritlite" - a spectacular Medieval fortress

The Medieval fortress “Golemio grad” near Staro Selo

One of the most preserved Medieval fortresses in the region is situated on rocky plateau 1 km to the East of the village, towering above the road to the village of Strupets. On the eastern side of the hill, the remains of the ancient road to the fortress, which was cut in the cliffs, could still be seen. To the East of the fortress it could be traced as it winds in the low country, crosses a stream and mounts to the top. The steep rocky edge was barred to the North with fortification walls built of roughly hewn stones. The walls collapsed but their layout could be traced. The entrance is also clearly visible. The fortress covered a surface of about 0,12 ha. The foundations of some buildings could still be seen. Fragmented pottery, spears, axes and other tools were discovered here.

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