Roman Eges

Middle Ages

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The medieval graffiti near Tsarevetz

The Late Antique fortress "Gradishteto" near Tsarevets

The early medieval fortress "Golemio grad" near Staro selo

"Ritlite" - a spectacular Medieval fortress

Medieval graffiti near Tsarevets

A about 2 km to the south of the village the “Govedarnika” locality is situated. The spacious river terrace on the left ban of Iskar River is enclosed to the North by cliffs, in which caves and recesses were naturally shaped. On the walls of these strange formations there are drawings, carved with a pointed instrument. Animals, human figures, horsemen and mysterious signs could be seen. There are inscriptions at many of the drawings.

These drawings could be related to three different periods - 9th-10th centuries, 12th-14th centuries and 15th-17th centuries. It is the only place in Bulgaria where inscriptions from such a long period could be seen and where the different periods could be so well defined. What is particularly remarkable is that on the walls of the caves there are also inscriptions from the beginning of the 20th century and from modern times also.
The graffiti in the caves near the village of Tsarevets are the most important complex from the period of the 16th-17th centuries. A large number of images were discovered, accompanied by descriptions of some historical events - Tatar invasions, natural disasters, epidemics etc.
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