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The Roman villa at Dolna Kremena

The Medieval fortress "Kaleto" near Mezdra

The Roman villa at Dolna Kremena
The built-up residential and additional surface of the villa is about 1400 m2. The columns of its central building and especially the exquisite Corinthian capitals that were unearthed are indicative of the rich architecture of the complex. There were relief images of various deities on the columns, the most preserved of which is a depiction of the goddess Aphrodite with a dolphin to her left.
Two other sculptures - hermae - were also discovered. They are images of the two-faced god Hermes, who was a protector of the house. Still more impressive is a small sculptural composition of Dionysos and Hercules - gods of the rejoicing and the strength - made of fine-grained marble. Its small size is indicative of that it was part of the decoration of some of the inner rooms, perhaps of the drawing-room.
During the excavations many other items of the everyday life were discovered - fine Thracian ware, a silver ring with a gem, iron agricultural tools (sickles, hoes etc.).
The villa was destroyed during one of the Gothic invasions in the middle of the 3rd century AD.
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