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“Usoeto” near Lyutidol - a Thracian sanctuary and an Early Byzantine fortress
The village of Lyutidol is situated between the two roads leading to the “Vitinya” passes and the Iskar defile. A large elevation divides the village in two parts. The old road to Sofia passes by, following a narrow gorge, which was cut in the foothills of Stara Planian mountain by the small Klisurska river. To the South of the village the ruins of an ancient fortress could be seen, the access to which is from its northern side.
This hill-fort was in use throughout the Late Antiquity. However, some pottery fragments discovered in its southern part indicate that the place was inhabited for many centuries before. On the rocky edge some rectangular and circular man-made holes could be seen. It could be one of those places, situated on the inaccessible and rocky mountain ridges, which were used as sanctuaries by the ancient Thracians. Only future excavations could provide more information about the function and the age of this mysterious place
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